Welcome to Forensic Consultancy

Our vision is to establish our firm as a global leader in forensic consultancy. We would like to reach to all the masses irrespective of their location and let no one on the right side of law remain devoid of services offered by our firm. The knowledge of Forensic science should be utilized for the welfare of the mankind and not for the destruction of human race.

Our mission is to provide quality service to the customers without compromising on the integrity. We would like to raise our standards of reports and tests carried out by each passing day. Our mission is to offer accuracy in our observations, time bound delivery of reports and uphold summits of assurance and service to our customers.

Forensic science establishes the presence or absence of a link between the crime and the criminal, the victim, the place and the time of occurrence.

A forensic expert presents the scientific evidence to help the court of law to reach to a conclusion in any case.

Every object, natural or man made has an individuality, which is not duplicated in any other object. It is unique. Neither the nature has duplicated itself, nor can a man.

Locard 's principle : "Whenever two entities come in contact, there is exchange of traces mutually."